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Shanghai Silicon Intellectual Property Exchange Co., Ltd. (SSIPEX)was founded by the Ministry of Industry and Information, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization. It is one of the industrial public service organizations to improve China's IC design industry, to boost intellectual property level of electronic information industry and to foster new industry such as internet of things


Hot Topics and Trend of Judicial Authentication in Electronic Information Technology Field

Introduction of the Work in Judicial Authentication Institution of SSIPEX


Hot Topics and Trend of Judicial Authentication in Electronic Information Technology Field

Introduction of the Work in Judicial Authentication Institution of SSIPEX

      2012年,我国电子信息产业(含软件和信息服务业) 年销售收入预计达到10万亿元,规模居全球第一。上海电子信息产业年销售收入预计达到1万亿元。同年,美国苹果公司市值一度高达6000亿美元,极具代表性地体现了科技创新对经济发展的贡献。在产业规模不断扩大、产业竞争不断加剧的过程中,专利诉讼也显得越来越重要。例如,美国法院12月6日就裁定三星公司需向苹果公司支付10.5亿美元的专利侵权罚金。去年国内见诸公开报道的有诺基亚起诉深圳基伍和上海华勤两家手机公司的典型案例。
      In 2012, the annual sales revenue of the electronic information industry in China( including software and information service industry ) was estimated to reach 10 trillion RMB, keeping the top scale of the world. The annual sales revenue of the electronic information industry in shanghai was estimated to reach 1 trillion RMB. At the same year, the market value of Apple company in America had reached 0.6 trillion USD, which typically reflected technological innovation' contributions to the development of economy. During the process of continuously extending industry scale and industry competition, patent litigation does become more and more important. For example, in 6th December the American court judged that Samsung company should pay 1.05 billion USD for patent infringement fine to Apple company. There were some typical cases reported in public last year, like the case that Nokia prosecuted Shenzhen G'Five and Shanghai Huaqin, two mobile phone companies.

      Led by the departments like Justice Bureau, Intellectual Property Office,etc and with the scientific, objective and just spirit, Judicial Authentication Institution of Shanghai Silicon Intellectual Property has enlarged its judicial authenticator team and consultant experts team by 50%, and has improved the professional skill a lot. We has successively provided eleven judicial authentication reports of intellectual property for inland related judicial organizations and parties, with each deal ranging from a few ten thousand to more than two hundred thousand RMB.

      从行业领域分类来看,我鉴定所的鉴定领域中80%的业务集中在半导体芯片、电子电路领域。这与我中心鉴定所具有良好的电子信息和集成电路技术领域专业的软硬件测试条件以及拥有较多该领域专业技术背景和法律背景的司法鉴定人密不可分。在工作中,我们先后使用了CADENCE 的DRACULA INTERACTIVE软件以及芯片反向工程、芯片图像处理技术和芯片分析技术等多种技术手段和设备。与此同时,我们也开始开展机械、软件和医药化学领域的业务。
      Based on the classification of industrial fields, 80% our business in authentication field concentrates on semiconductor chip, electronic circuit field. This is closely related to our good software and hardware test condition in electronic information and IC technology field and many judicial authenticators with the professional background in these fields. In our work, we successively used various kinds of ways and equipments like DRACULA INTERACTIVE software of CADENCE and Chip reverse engineering, chip image processing techniques and chip analysis techniques, etc. At the same time, we also begin to explore the business in mechanical, software and medical chemistry field.

      Based on the types of intellectual property, more than 2/3 of our bussiness is about business secret and patent, which is mainly because the flow of technicians always bringing the leakage of enterprise technology and the marketing block strategy between opponents. Compared with trademark, copyright, appearance design and other intellectual property, this authentication features in high professional technology, complexity and very hard proof searching. We generally need to organize and make the comparison scheme separately based on complete understanding the authentication materials and finally form the report through thorough experiments.

      Based on the business resource, the business ratio between Shanghai and other places is 1:2, and 1/3 of the actual involved parts have relationship with the foreign enterprises. In addition, we also got several businesses from Xinjiang, Beijing, Guangdong, Shandong and some other regions, which shows that the judicial authentication in intellectual property level of electronic information technology field in Shanghai has acquired the recognition from many domestic regions. This matchs with the whole electronic information techniques industry level of Shanghai. Therefore, our business in this field has promises and opportunities to gain the edge over other inland peers.

      At present, the difficult points of the development of our business of judicial authentication in intellectual property lie in: in some situations, judicial organs still tend to party's self making up certificate or entrusting technological judicial authentication; Advantage of Shanghai judicial authentication in intellectual property needs to be introduced to the judicial system in other inland regions systemically; Judicial Authentication Institution also needs to strive for necessary encouragement policies and fiscal subsidies, in addition to improving self professional skills to get more business resources.

      In a whole, judicial authentication of intellectual property can provide "objective, effective and fast" evidence confirmation services for judicial offices and parties, which is not only helpful to estimate the lawsuit prospect and decrease the lawsuit cost for all dispute parties, but also helpful for judicial offices to perform legal authority reasonably. With the development of electronic information technology industry and the market order getting better, especially the fourth modification of Patent Law which has added the implement of penalty clause, it is safe to estimate that more intellectual property rights holders will deal with infringement or actively protect their rights, the judicial authentication of intellectual property business will have a 20% annual growth ratio and more will be used by PSB and relevant parties, procuracy and court in order to promote the compromise and conclusion of the case.

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